Ollydbg can't attach to EAC protected game

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May 10, 2015

As you see from the attached image, I'm unable to attach to a game. I'm using Ollydbg 2.01h WITH OllyExt v1.8. I'm pretty sure it's something EAC related, any ideas on where I should go from here? Thanks for the help!

Also, Cheat Engine does not work either. If I start it after the game is started, just some random errors. If I start Cheat Engine before the game is started, the game literally gives me an error message saying "Please close Cheat Engine before starting the game".

Edit: Olly 2.01 is 64-bit
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May 19, 2013
I read some posts about EAC.
If you don't want to touch ring0 or ring1 you should stay with easier targets in userland. :)

But prove me wrong I never worked with EAC before that is just what I heard.
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