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Apr 1, 2015
So.. i basically had nothing to do today and im still learning how to create signatures in IDA.
Here ya go:

Offsets To Assault Cube. Dump Time @ 15:37 : 2016-05-11

LocalPlayer: 0x50F4F4
EntityList: 0x50F4F4 + 0x4
EntityLoopDistance: 0x4
ViewMatrix#1: 0x50A414
ViewMatrix#2: 0x501B14


Health: 0xF8 (int)
NextPrimary/Curweapon: 0x10C (int)
Armour: 0xFC (int)
Attacking: 0x224 (Boolean)
Scoping: 0x71 (Boolean)
Pos.x: 0x4 (Vector)
Pos.y: 0x8 (Vector)
Pos.z: 0xC (Vector)
Name: 0x225 (char*)
Ping: 0x1F0 (int)
State: 0x82 (bool)
Frags: 0x1FC (int)
Flags: 0x200 (int)
Points: 0x208 (int)
Deaths: 0x204 (int)
Alive: 0x82 (bool) [Accessing State]
Team: 0x32C (int)
EyeAngles: 0x34 (Vector)
EyePosition: 0x40 (Vector)

Non Player Variables:
FullBright: 0x454EF0 (Dword)
TraceLine: 0x48A310 (Dword)
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Jun 6, 2016
i was doing some reverse work earlier today and i found that you can give yourself admin on any server because the value indicating rather you're or are not an admin is stored in the localplayer class
fucking funny right? all you have to do is set the value to one and press escape in game.

0x50F4F4] --> 0x220 (bool)

have fun.
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