NumVertices , PrimitiveCount are yellow/orange

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Apr 16, 2014
Hello everybody,

Yesterday I get the "C++ How to create a WallHack with Chams Direct-X" to work.
The menu shows up to me and works fine.
Unfortunately the Wallhack dont work for me.

Ive found the NumVertices and the PrimitiveCount sucessfully, but:

The models are only orange/yellow and not red. What means this color?
I have to find a NumVertices that show the model red, right? So i have maybe the false value?
Exist a "red NumVertices" if the Model shows up to me in yellow/orange?

I hope youre with me. Ive to improve my English skills...

Editional information: The game isnt CoD. Its another Game, but definitely D3D because the NumVertices search works fine and the menu works too.

Apr 16, 2014
Okay, i have fixed it ;)
The hack run really fantastic on a non CoD Game. Thank you for this awesome tutorial!!!

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