Solved new VAC detection method - non human aim

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Apr 4, 2015
It seams like you cant rage 2 games every 24 hours anymore.
for months now i have raged 2 games every 24 hours and nothing have happen until now. :biblethump:

It might have been because i have been using rage-aimbot. Valve might have implemented some shit that catches unnatural movements.

or it might have been because i was on casual once and hacked within those 24h.

What i have read so will the casual reports not do shit to you but it might be that they changed it and now it does.

So i would recommend not to go on casual"Official Servers" and hack because the reports might add up.

I just wanna share this information so there will be no unnecessary bans and empty stomach because need of new account :lol:

I will update this thread if i get more bad experiences. So the new rules are Only use rage aimbot if its necessary and don't play casual because the reports might add upp so you will reach the report limit.


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Aug 20, 2013
VAC got an update like...3 weeks ago ^^

they implemented a new detection system. mostly AntiAims and Spinbotters are detected for now, which are send directly to overwatch when the system notice somethign is wrong with the angles.
Valve said, this system will be improved over the next view month ... seems it works very good so far. in my opinion they will be able to detect even low fov aimbots within the next 24 month.

So the new rules are Only use rage aimbot if its necessary
bad idea...u might get away with it right now since the new system is only partial installed so far but this can change within the next few weeks

stay legit

here is the original post from reddit.
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Apr 4, 2015
Thanks really good :) i have heard about it and now you confirmed it with this reddit thread. So best way to hack is to hack legit and not carry the whole team for now then.


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Apr 4, 2015
Hmm i can say now that there's no rage in mm anymore. There are no 2 games every 24 hours.
Only way to stay not banned is to play legit and don't rage. last account i played on i had not played on for 3 days. i raged 2 rounds and shot my teammate and got a cooldown.
still could not evade the ban. Rage is dead.


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Jan 21, 2014
Oh damn this is cool, will be interesting to see what happens
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