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Jan 14, 2017
I've been watching youtube videos from this community all day long. I spent about 5 hours yesterday watching your videos non-stop, trying to grasp everything you talk about and it's still going take me time. They are helpful and well-explained. Thanks for all your tutorials and all the work you guys have put in creating them.

One week ago, I contacted somebody to create a cheat for a game. They gave me a quote of at least $600. I thought that was too much for something that seemed so basic. This game is an simulation-realistic mmo game. This fuction exist in offline/practice mode that I can switch on and off to help me train by shooting fast moving objects. This function tells you where to shoot/lead your bullet with a BIG BLUE X-MARK far ahead of the moving object, so you're able to hit it. I typed "How to make your own cheat/hack" and came across your Cheat engine video. I found the value that turns BLUE-X MARK on and off in offline mode. I went to online mode and typed in the 'on value' and it worked. They could easily patch this by reconfiguring and deleting that function all together in their online server which brings me here. I want to be one step ahead.

1) How do I grab that functions code and create a cheat out of it? Use IDA?
2) Is there a youtube tutorial that explains how to create a hack out of an existing function/cheat and use it for online mode. As an example UAV always on that can be easily switched on through private server settings. Find the function that causes that and create a cheat so the UAV is always on in online mode.

I'm not trying to create a cheat, I'm trying to take an existiting funtiction from offline and use it for online.

note: sorry for my errrors! I'm swiping on a phone.


Cesspool Admin
Jan 21, 2014
That function is not executed on the server, it's done on the client. They can make it harder for you to enable, but you will always be able to do it as long as the feature in the game exists. Save a copy of the current game so if they ever remove this feature, you will be always have a copy of the original function. You could literally copy the functions ASM byte by byte and inject it in a DLL and just call that function, or you could rewrite the whole thing in C or copy and paste the ASM into your hack. Perhaps because of game updates etc... you would have to modify the code a bit.

Basically the function itself is just a prediction calculation based on you and your targets current velocity and your guns projectile velocity.

Find the function, reverse engineer it in IDA to understand how it works. You can select all the ASM and just copy and paste it or save it into a text file. I'm not sure about a tutorial, but if you're a good coder you could base your code off the the game code or just create your own. A good understanding of 3d game programming would be helpful as well
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