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Jul 18, 2013
Hey guys
i'm trying to use cheat engine in a game but it's protection doesn't allow me even i change the title of it, somehow it detects it.

*It uses Destroy Window to close it.
*If i set breakpoint and open Cheat Engine, it triggers.
*If i nop that function it closes itself.

I don't really know about reverse engineering guys, i am here because i hope you guys are going to help me.

I can debug the game with latest x64dbg without detection. -->

Here is the download of the game. --> or!PpkkzTrD!t9gUe0ZTvdiTLNgYa2C93ImNP4GdDHpmAXZNECSil1A

I don't know if giving external link is not allowed but forgive me :(

Here is what i've done. -->

ALL I WANT IS USING CHEAT ENGINE WITHOUT BEING DETECTED but a bypass for whole protection wouldn't be bad guys.

Thank you for your attention.

Forgive me if i've done something bad.


Cesspool Admin
Jan 21, 2014
Did you set the debugger in CE to VEH? Basically you will have to reverse engineer the methods of detection that the game is using, then bypass those detections by modifying the game code or hiding cheat engine


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Jul 18, 2013
Yes sir, I tried VEH debugger but the protection is detecting if the CE is open not if i try to attach to game.

The problem is that i don't know reverse engineer and english is not my native language, i am learning it at school :(

It could be nice if someone can analyse which methods protection is using and show me an example to how to bypass them.

Best Regards,
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