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Apr 24, 2020
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Stronghold Kingdoms
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not long
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So guys im tryna debug a game to change ingame currency value, the fact is this is possible but i need to find a solution on how its done. There is this Russian guy he sells (85k cardpoints for 150 dollars) when you ask him to purchase he always requests the link of say your account where you redeem offer codes Stronghold Kingdoms -> Account Settings - Google Chrome like in this picture you can see in this url you can see UserGuid and SessionGuide that is also used on the charles proxy when i post a request. He asks you to maintain the client open and then relog and automatically your account has 85k cardpoints.
Obvs you dont want to be paying that much money all the time so the noob that i am im trying to figure out how he has done it, im very confident he is using charles.

Bit of background on the ingame purchase currency is crowns with crowns you get card packs and the you open cards which you can trade in but it must be 5 and you will recieve 25 card points with thos cardpoints you can buy card of your liking. Thats why im interested in cardpoints. Before there was a trick that was used is in this video

Since im in experianced in all this and only starting to learn and obvs i need time, i have came to conlusion he uses the session and user id from the link and compose his own method call with the method name of to add cardpoints, because so far ive only found method names with cashinCards, buymultiplecards, getcrowns and playcard. Is ther any way to find the method name and how could i code it in a way to add cardpoints. Ive probably wrote alot of nonsense
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May 11, 2018
Hey, looks like you would want to modify a server side value. Which is really nothing you should try to do as a beginner.
I really suggest to work through the "start here" guide first.

However whenever you need to change a server side value you need to find a bug/exploit in the game server that you can abuse. I have written a guide on how to get started searching for protocol exploits through manual fuzzing here: Guide - How to make an MMO Bot - MMORPG Bot Automation

Unfortunately i dont have any experience on the game you are working on, so i hope this can be applied there as well.

Hope this helped to clear some things up. Keep us updated on how things are going :)
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