Need help Cheat engine + CS:GO

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Sep 10, 2013
Hi guys,

i tried some tutorials and youtube stuff to find out the offsets.
But if i always do exactly the same things like, scan 100 value hurtme 6 scan again "94" etc.. i dont find in in the memory viewing later a 03 <-- for ct for example.

Later i tried to get the m_vec_Origin of the player... as the same if i scan again the value in game like "-1384" i dont find the correct value at cheat engine ...

can someone give me a lesson about it? Is it alittle bit different of css to cs go?

sry for my bad english but its hard to explain my problem :/

Oct 14, 2013
difficult to explain.. i am a pro in it,..maybe you just copy the vid.. you are at tutorials though.. when you scan... see the value.. default is 100/.. type 100 and press first scan..then go back to tutorial and click on ''Hit Me'' then back to CE and type the amount that came after hit me..and press next will search the value which changed to your second value.. now you will get 1 or more values..if you get more than 1.. click hit me again and then type the changed value in value box and click next scan..then keep doing it until you find one address (Value) click on it and then click the red arrow.. click the value in the table.. press enter and now type the desired value... press enter again.. h :Dere you go.. go back to the game (tutorial) and hit next.. hope i help.. :D


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Mar 6, 2013
CSGO is just like css. You might be scanning for the wrong value. For example, the first time I tried scanning for my health I started a classic casual match offline to do it in. I didn't realise armour was already given to me so when I did hurtme 5 and scanned for 95 it came up with nothing cause my armour was taking the damage. Make sure you double check because it is literally exactly the same as css.
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Jan 3, 2013
Hello, just calculate:
PlayerTeamId = PlayerHealthAddress + 0x108

If you have found your health address then you can observ also the memory if you switch all the time the teams. I have found my address that way.

CT = 8 decimal
T = 16 decimal