Help Need help about trainer c++

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Jan 20, 2014
Hi !

So from few day's I'm watching some Fleep's tutorial, and there is One who interested me, the trainer in C++

I look the code that Fleep had share, so normally I just have to change the Windows Game Name and the values.

But there is a problem, In Fleep Tutorial there are :
-Base adress
-and offset

Because I can't use Cheat Engine
Because my game is protect by X-Trap (the game is S4League)

I search on forums for values of some hacks

And I found it, a lot of values:

There is an example:
The Value adress is 0x00528679
The normal Value is 1593591257
The hacked Value is 1593591259
And the type of the Value is Long

So as you can there is no offsets.

So my question how can I modify Fleep's code, to make it work with these values ?

Thank's for your help

EDIT1:Actually I need a c++ source code for a trainer ingame.
Because Autoilt and gets old and detect now, I want to move on c++
I have all the values hack but I just need a good source code where I can put these values

BYTE Feature1Value[] = {0xF, 0xF, 0x0, 0x0}; // So I have To put my hacked Value there right ? For my 1HitKill example, the Value is 1593591259 Does I have to convert it on bytes ? If yes how ?

DWORD Feature1BaseAddress = {0x00000000}; // there I put the main adress right ? 0x00528679

int iFeature1Levels = 2; // What this is for ?
DWORD Feature1Offsets[] = {0x0, 0x0}; // How can I have the offsets ?
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Oct 11, 2012
If you look at this old thread here that I made, c5 answers some questions.

DWORD dwHealthOffset = 0x512C2;
DWORD dwHealthAddress = (DWORD)GetModuleHandleA("target.exe") + dwHealthOffset;

*(int*)0x51C24 = 250; // int can be any data type // writes 250 to 0x51C24
Hopefully this gives you an idea, also what til said, you can use that function.