Download MW2 simple hack source code

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Jul 6, 2013
So yeah heres a hack for the current steam mw2 version (download link).
The source code is easily extensible, if you want to add a box esp youll have to hook DrawStretchpic or a similar function, i couldnt manage to find the offset for DrawStretchPic.
Its currently only a name/distance ESP.
What I wanted to add is a silent aim and box ESP, but I accidentaly removed my windows partition lol, i might add it later.

Anyway thanks for alot of the members on UC for the structs etc.
And thanks to c5 for helping me.

If you have comments on the code please tell them.


PS: You cant get banned on MW2 currently, youll get a VAC ban but you can still play, so use it on an alt acc and ur free to hack :D
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Jan 21, 2014
nice looking code, thanks for sharing
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