Solved MMORPG how to find objects list

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Jun 2, 2015
hello guys and maybe girls
i have following issue
im trying to find object list (at least mobs list with hp names and coordinates) and no success.
have you maybe any tips that could help me.
game is using unreal engine 3

i would be really happy if you will give me some cool tips :smile:


Escobar Tier VIP
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Jun 25, 2014
The best route for unreal engine games is dumping an sdk, you can google around for that


Dank Tier Donator
Feb 18, 2016
I don‘t know anything about unreal engine 3, how it works how it store entity lists. Anyway if you are new to hacking. MMO is quite difficult for a beginner. However I will try to explain you how I have done it. First of all you have to find your player base HP address. This address will be the place from where you can calculate other addresses.

As you see in the picture we have player base HP address and it is very similar to the addresses of entity list. But how we obtain these addresses, well as far as I understand my MMO game it stores objects in 35 slots that are close to my player base. Let’s do some math, let’s say I want to get 34th slot. As you see my player info is stored last in the list. 28CEC644 – 17F8 = 28CEAE4C we just got a bear address, if you do it multiple times you’ll get all the addresses. Then it is simple 28CEC644 = HP, 28CEC644 = MP and so on.
Now if you want to try this stuff I told you. All you have to do:
1. Get player base address like HP.
2. Get random monster address also HP.
3. If addresses looks close to each other try something like this : player base – monster address = gap.
4. Try restarting the game you’ll see player base address will be changed, however try adding to that address gap value that you got before. If it will lead you some kind of value like HP. That means this stuff works. Please not it object might be empty or out of range and return stupid value.

Also look at this, this what I receive when I search for objects in the city. It returns me real player addresses, NPC and etc. When I get real player address I can dig out all of his stats I can tell even how much money he has.


Dank Tier VIP
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May 20, 2015
If I remember correctly, Unreal engine stores objects in a linked list instead of an array.
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