Minecraft Modding with Java

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May 26, 2012
I think this might be in the wrong section, so feel free to move it! :)


So one of the main reasons why I started programming in the first place was to make a Minecraft mod. This is something I have really wanted to do, but I have never got round to it. This is debatable, I think that modding and programming are quite different. I feel this because a lot of the things you will learn from a programming tutorial will not apply to modding. Programming is for making programs and applications, modding is for modifying games. I think there are a lack of tutorials for Minecraft modding but I really want to do it, without having . So if you have anything to help me (from tutorials to tips to lines of code) then please tell me!


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May 24, 2012
Actually there are a lot of tutorials, but you're just thinking of making mods, not making a cheat client, right?


The difference between Modding and Real Coding(Injecting a dll, a Hack, etc.):

- Modding is easy, coding not (if you want to get the same result).
- Modding a game doesn't require you to take a look at asm code, because the game's modding interface is documented pretty well... Coding a mod for a game without a modding interface requires some serious reversing (Reversing means Taking a look at the binary code of an executable).
- Modding is mostly done in an easy Coding or Scripting Language, for example Java/Lua/Python..

But I think you do not have a lot of coding/modding experience. I can just tell you don't just read tutorials about modding. First learn java in general. It'll help you better than anything else.

I was a part of a WoW PrivatServer called TrinityCore (1.5Million lines of code), and they have a C++ and a Mysql Script Interface. If someone started learning C++ in general and then started coding his scripts he was 1000 times better, than everyone who started at the same time but directly started to script Creatures and such stuff, because the one who learned C++ first didn't just copy some code from here and there without understanding what it does.


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May 24, 2012
skridovaste said:
Well, I was thinking a bit of both, to be honest! xD But aren't they both very similar?
Yeah, they are almost the same. I just had to be sure, because there are hundreds of tutorials about making cheating clients, while there are fewer tutorials on making mods.
What I mean by that is that there will be a lot of different tutorials on for example "X-ray", while on making a new type of block, there wont be that many.

I can pm you a site where there will be loads of them, if you want.

Staff: Is it okay if I pm him that?


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Aug 14, 2012
To make a client

Get the Minecraft coders pack Here and Eclipse Here

If you need any more help PM me.
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