Solved Mid Function Hooking in C#?

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Sep 26, 2015

sometimes it is hard to find all players in a game in memory but you have found a function that loops through all these players. You know that at a specific point in the function, the player address is stored in ESI. The propably easiest way to retrieve all player addresses now is a mid function hook where you store ESI.

Fleep showed us a solution using C++/ASM. Is there a way to do it in C#/ASM? I am asking because I want to show the player positions in an external window using C#.

This is the interesting part of fleeps example:
//Store where we jump back to after our hook
DWORD FlyingJmpBack = 0;
//stores the register's address
DWORD YaxisRegister = 0x0;

//Store our player's y axis into our dword
__declspec(naked) void GetPlayerYaxis() 
	//Run the instructions the same as before
	//EXCEPT we take the address within ESI(Our Y axis)
	//AND later on modify it so we can fly
	//The offset of 0x3x tells us that ESI + 3C gives us
	//Y Axis, ESI is likely to point to our player base(unchecked)
	__asm MOV ECX, [ESI+0x3C]
	//Throw our address into our DWORD YaxisRegister so we can 
	//later modify the float value the address points to
	__asm MOV YaxisRegister, ESI
	__asm MOV [ESI+0x08],EDX
	//Jump back to our original code
	__asm jmp [FlyingJmpBack]
If it is not possible to do it entirely in C#/ASM, how would I pass YaxisRegister to my C# program everytime __declspec(naked) void GetPlayerYaxis() gets called?


Coco Pommel

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Oct 19, 2012
But it would be 100x easier just to find it in memory and use RPM, trust me.
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