Solved Methods of obtaining View Matrix?

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Jun 19, 2016
I know you can do the ol' boring way of looking up, scanning, looking down, scanning with cheat engine. But that's boring. I do have experience with IDA so I was wondering what other sorts of steps I could take in order to obtain the view matrix?

I'm not asking to be spoonfed, I just want a general idea :)


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Jun 25, 2014
1. You can create it yourself in some games with just a few DX functions
2. in dx11 you can hook a few shader functions and find it in one of the parameters ( i forget which function though, a game this works with for example is rainbow 6: siege )
3. Look for something like camera dimensions ( like 1280x720 ), if you're lucky they're all part of one class and fairly close together in memory.
4. Find something that skews your view and see if you can find anything viewproj matrix related
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