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Jan 20, 2013
Hello, I am spudge1987 I am new to this community and want to start hacking non copy and pasting. :( I am creating a hack for MapleStory. This is an .exe trainer (executable) not a Dynamic Link Library (.dll) The problem I am getting with my trainer, When ever I enable a hack it immediately crashes the trainer not the game. Am I doing something wrong? Is the memory class not detecting the target process? I am trying to get better at C++ each day and Reversing too.

#include <Windows.h> //is defined also

Mermory Class I am using
void EditMemory(DWORD address,VOID *pattern, int length)
    DWORD OldProtect,ProcessId;
    HANDLE GameHandle = 0;

if(HWND WindowHandle = FindWindow(0, L"MapleStory"))

                GameHandle = 


How I defined it on a checkBox.
void Form1::checkBox2_CheckedChanged(System::Object^  sender, System::EventArgs^  e)
if(this->checkBox2->Checked) // Perfect Kami by Benny (
EditMemory((DWORD)(0x00CE080A), "\xEB\x2E",2); //Allow re-cast while transformed
EditMemory((DWORD)(0x00CE0F97), "\xEB",1); //Remove gauge-requirement
EditMemory((DWORD)(0x00CE1014), "\x74\x08",2); //81 FE E0 7A A4 03 74 ? 81 FE 08 9E A4 03 75
EditMemory((DWORD)(0x00CE17A5), "\x7D",1); //3B C8 7D ? 8D
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