Solved Memory Class (Read/Write) ?

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Mar 24, 2013
I'm looking for a memory class or just some functions to read and write memory through pointers.
I'm talking about multilevelpointers like ["Example.exe"+00F4A7C4]+E0+C0
where "Example.exe" is the baseaddress,
00F4A7C4 is the baseoffset (or however it is called)
and E0,C0 are the offsets

I'd like to have functions like:
processH = MemoryOpenProcess(processName);
baseAddress = GetBaseAddress(processH);
readValue = MemoryReadPointer(processH , baseAddress+baseOffset, dataType, numberOfBytesToRead, offsets);
MemoryWritePointer(processH , baseAddress+baseOffset, valueToWrite, dataType, offsets);
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