Solved Making of "bigger" hacks?

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Nov 6, 2012
Hello, i know c++, i can make external memory hacks... I dunno anything about DirectX hooking, only know some drawing functions and shit... I wanna start making hacks like esps and aimbots... Its getting boring to code only external hacks like no recoil and stuff like that. So where to begin?
How do esps work, how to find enemy positions on the game and draw something on them? Is there any tutorials for it?
Do i need to learn DirectX Game Programming before attempting to do box esps or anything like that?
Reading source codes doesn't really tell alot about finding enemy positions and getting addresses and stuff...
Also heard about some functions called WorldToScreen and stuff like 3dto2d, how are they related to coding name esps and stuff?
If anyone could help me, i would really appreciate it... Thank you! :cool:


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Jul 19, 2012
I can sort of try and explain to you the concept of world2screen.

So basically, lets take a normal box ESP hack in a 3d fps. Now how do you know where to draw the ESP boxes? We have the position of enemy in the given world in the game who has x y z coordinates. Same applies to you. Now we have players coordinates in a 3d world and we want to show their location using 2d boxes from our (player) perspective. So we use some trigonometry and maths to calculate where on our screen should we print those boxes (besides xyz you might need fov, view direction, screen dimensions)

So to sum it up, it pretty much does the conversion from 3d to 2d
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Sep 3, 2012
Finding x,y,z:

You don't need to know directx, but a drawing method, with which you can draw above the Game.
WorldToScreen takes the World Coordinates ( x, y, z ) from an Enemy and converts them into Screen Coordinates( x, y ), which you need to draw the esp at the right point on the screen.
And both, Esp and Aimbot, can be done externally without a problem.


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Sep 6, 2012
And to explain what "world2screen" is, it's a function used by Dx.

For exemple, to render something, you will need to "hook" endscene , so directx will redirect to your hooked function where you designed your box and stuff :)


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Sep 3, 2012
Nope there is no need for any DirectX there, no need for Hooks either.
World2Screen is just Math and the function for converting a 3D Vector into a 2D Vector, which is the Screen Position of the Object in the World.
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