Making A Hack Undetected

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There's a lot of different Anti-cheat systems out there, some more high tech than
others. First step to bypassing a games anti-cheat is obviously to find out what it
is, and if possible get a hold of the source code for it (these things leak to the
public much more often than you think). Then you can also do some research on
it or check out this section of the forums to see if anyone's posted how they got
around it. If no one
has posted there, and you didn't find any information while researching... Start
a new thread here and I'm sure a few people in the community (including myself)
would do our best to help you out.
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Oct 5, 2012
But, I'm new in the world of programming, I don't know how meet a way for bypass the anti-cheat protect! Someone can help me?

@maymonaise The Game Call Latin Special Force Of Aeria Games, Thanks!
The best ways to bypass Antihacks...

if the antihack has a heartbeat -
Find the Hack check for function and make them away return false, or find a way to emulate the heartbeat

if the antihack has a Driver (.sys file) -
Prehook the Kernal with your own driver and pass the Antihack a false table start, send normal functions (the ones your ok with the Antihack knowing about) to the values the antihack adds to the table

if the antihack doesnt have a heartbeat or a driver -
run the game in Ollydbg and use a referenced string search to search for any strings that that come up when the antihack detects your hack, and follow them to where the antihack tells the game if your hacking, and go JMP and NOP crazy on that thing :p