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Sep 7, 2019
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steps to make an undetectable fast driver for BE/EAC:
1. undetected communication method (ioctl detected)
2. clear traces (Mmunload and PiDDBCachetable)
3. avoid allocating pools

that's it! simple right?

Hello! I found an extremely fast and undetected communication method. You just find a function pointer that is callable from usermode and replace it to point to your own function. Anticheats like BE/EAC won't be able to integrity check a function pointer in .data section that is not part of a dispatch pointer table. Most of these function pointers are syscalls in win32k and ntoskrnl, and some are EFI runtime services.

I finished this undetectable driver in 4 hours. (if you can finish this driver in under 6 hours then you are 1337)

credits to @sinclairq/bright for giving me ideas

STEP 1: Finding the function pointer:

our criteria for this function pointer:
1. must be callable from Usermode
2. must not be protected by patchguard
3. must have parameters
4. must have at least 1 parameter not sanitized before this function call

to start off, we need to find xrefs to the guard_dispatch_icall. guard_dispatch_icall is the function called by drivers with control flow guard to protect ALL function pointers from executing unwanted code. If you xref it, you can find ALL function pointers of a kernel driver. It will call whatever function stored in RAX after the integrity check.

For some reason, guard dispatch icall doesn't prevent me from abusing these function pointers at all! control flow guard does absolutely nothing!!!.

ntoskrnl.exe in IDA pro


Most syscalls are prefixed by "Nt" so I'll search for an "Nt" function.


and I found a function pointer called from a syscall! I won't tell you what it is, finding your own function is an exercise for the reader.

Now we can just set this function pointer (v8) to our own function and pass our own input through the parameters.

    *(functionPtr*)Globals::funcPtrAddress = (functionLevelPtr)handler;
Fun fact: you only need 1 byte of parameter space! you can allocate a buffer in usermode to communicate with extra input/output, and use MmCopyVirtualMemory/KeStackAttachProcess to communicate through this buffer.

Step 2: Calling from usermode and putting everything together

The way you call your function depends on what kind of function you are abusing. I replaced a function pointer that was called in a standard syscall in Ntoskrnl.exe so I am calling my function using Loadlibrary(ntdll.dll) and getprocAddress().

    HMODULE  hModule = LoadLibrary(L"ntdll.dll");

function= (FunctionPtr)GetProcAddress(hModule, "censored_because_i_am_using_for_p2c");
Pass your input through the parameters of this function, clear your kdmapper traces, add read/write functionality, and you are good to go for apex legends, rainbow 6 siege, fortnite, pubg, and other games with a decent external bypass!
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Sep 7, 2017
this shit is crazy, yall like never fail to astonish me. I need to go hard and be on your level. lol
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Jan 18, 2018
Also wanted to add. If you guys are worried about control flow guard getting to you, I think you can just turn it off.


Edit: Nvm, it still will bsod you after a while
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