Question Looking to take on a few more Coders for my site

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Jul 5, 2014
Hi Guys and Gals,

I am looking to take on a couple more coders to make hacks on my site and keep them updated with the latest and greatest.

The games I need currently are emulators and then I will have you move on to the more well known games

the emulators are for Infestation Survivor Stories [formerly known as WarZ] once we have working hacks on that I will move to the BF3 and Bf4 ...Call of duty and so on...

I want to insure that the hacks are safe and that the users are protected as much as one can be....

I have a streamer already that will detect HWID and also tell me if someone tries to reverse engineer it

So if you are interested join me and OH yes you will be compensated for your hard work....we work on a percentage of Revenue so you will make residual on the code you bring to the table.

Send me a PM and I will give you info on how to contact me

We have a site but i guess it was against the rules so i removed it....sorry about that

see ya there
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Dec 15, 2013
I would like to rephrase my first post.

Does batch count as a coding language? I can make all sorts of awesome hacks in batch... Also, do you accept Malbolge coders? I'm already half way to making an Aimbot with it, and it's only taken 5 years!


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Aug 19, 2012
lunat1k : hehe ^^ dont worry man, I dont take down any sites just because you broke the rules of GH xD There are only a mass of sites out, so it doesnt make any sense ^^ and if you search 'advanced coders' you should search at UC or hackforums xDD
I just take down stuff from ppl which I dont like :p


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Jul 5, 2014
lol Thanks

I am on UC and Hackforums , but with the way Fleep does his and they way he teaches I like his style...

Not saying anything wrong with HF or UC I am just keeping my options open and seeing what talent is out there...
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