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Nov 5, 2014
So im looking for a new laptop specifically for programming/development and maybe some virtualization. Gonna dual boot linux with it too. I was looking at the dell XPS15 but can't find one with 16 gigs of ram. I want an i7 too with 2-2.5 ghz. Dont really care too much about the graphics card, I want it to be pretty slim and portable. Maybe im asking too much in a laptop, because I cant find anything close to what i want. Most of the XPS ones are touchscreen too which i think is cancer. You guys have any suggestions?


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Jan 21, 2014
Yeah honestly I get touch screens at the shop all the time, half the people don't know it and the other half know it is a touch screen but don't use it. And it raises the price of a laptop 100-200$.

Laptops are expensive and prone to failure but I know people need them for portabilit but I just can't recommend a laptop because:



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May 24, 2012
There's a lot of options! Even more because you're located in the states.

I don't know that many US sites, because I live in Europe and we are forced to buy "locally" (customs and all that), but I know a couple of options.

Have you thought about those sites where you can choose a laptop model and most of your own parts?

You should have a look at the following laptop manufacturers/website:
1. Gigabyte's laptops
3. (Don't know if you have issues with customs in the states)
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