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Nov 4, 2016
Hello everyone,
I'm having trouble locating two things in Revelation Online. The first is click to move function and the second is the mob array. I have most all of the addresses I need but these two sets. I'll explain how I am looking for them so someone might explain where I am messing up. I am familiar with IDA Pro, Olly, and Cheat Engine.

Looking for CTM (Click to Move) function:
1. I have tried a few different methods for locating this address. The one I thought I would have the best results with is finding two x offsets decently space apart, clicking the opposite spot and scanning before I arrive. But no luck so far.
2. Tried scanning unknown initial value, then CTM to increase/ decrease x offset with and immediate scan. Then look through the offsets I narrowed down to see if when I click to move the value changes immediately to the end value.
3. Looked up strings in IDA Pro to see if anything pops out as obvious CTM function location (noob method). Also, have looked around in pseudo code.

Looking up Mob Array:
This one is confusing for me at least. First time looking for a structure like this one. I figured starting with finding a mobs location by standing on it then using my x offset, then moving away from it and scanning. Narrowing down search results with another point it paths between. Then browse that memory location and opcode to walk up the mob array structure. I understand arrays and how they work, but maybe they work differently in memory? Or I'm probably just going about this completely wrong.

I would greatly appreciate any advice or different techniques I could use to locate these more efficiently. I'm not looking for someone to just give me these offsets. I'd rather learn to find on my own. Thanks in advance for any advice!


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Jun 25, 2014
1.) Get your position, find out what function modifies it. Trace back until you find the function thats only called when you click somewhere to move.

2.) Scan monster health/unknown value, hit monster, scan new health/decreased value, repeat steps 2->3
2b.) With monster address, try
A.) Searching for its address, if youre lucky its just one big contiguous array
B.) See what accesses its address


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Feb 14, 2016
You're better off finding the XY coordinates of your mouse cursor ingame than finding click function (btw it's better to find your click function through XY coordinates). Mouse cursor is NOT your camera. Find entity array, and do conversion of their 3d and your 2d mouse coordinate on screen which will point and click on closes entity to the mouse 2d coordinate.


Nov 4, 2016
Rake Thank you. I'm just getting back into this after a few years and the videos and tutorials here are some of the best I've found.

Thanks for the suggestions mambda. Though, the click to move is still evading me. Tried multiple ways to find what accesses off my cursor/location offset/and offset that stores the end point I'm traveling too. I'm either not getting the function to register while scanning or I just don't recognize it when it happens. If I only click to move once, while scanning it should only call the function for click to move once, correct? Anyone have any experience reversing games from this publisher. If so please post common function names for this type of function so when I find it I'll know I got right one. The entity array I think I'm making progress but just have to find exactly what how to display. Just been using dissect structure and letting it populate the list for me to see if it's what I'm looking for. As for the array itself, is it the same as in programming where an array usually holds only one data type? Or should I be calling it a structure because a structure can hold different data types? Just trying to get so insight to help me figure this out and how I'm gonna have to display this information in C# or C++ (haven't decided which I'm gonna use for my project). Anyways, thanks for the help yall have already given me.

JewsusChrist First off thanks man. Are there any guides for the 3 dimension mob location to 2 dimension conversion mouse position that you would recommend? I'm searching but haven't found anything yet.
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