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Nov 5, 2014
I was following Fleep's TriggerBot tutorial and I found this when looking for the player base in cheat engine.

"should_never_see_this" :D


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Nov 26, 2015
yeah, valve adds those in their xxxx for some reason

define BEGIN_RECV_TABLE_NOBASE(className, tableName) \
template <typename T> int ClientClassInit(T *); \
namespace tableName { \
struct ignored; \
} \
template <> int ClientClassInit<tableName::ignored>(tableName::ignored *); \
namespace tableName { \
RecvTable g_RecvTable; \
int g_RecvTableInit = ClientClassInit((tableName::ignored *)NULL); \
} \
template <> int ClientClassInit<tableName::ignored>(tableName::ignored *) \
{ \
typedef className currentRecvDTClass; \
const char *pRecvTableName = #tableName; \
RecvTable &RecvTable = tableName::g_RecvTable; \
static RecvProp RecvProps[] = { \
RecvPropInt("should_never_see_this", 0, sizeof(int)), // It adds a dummy property at the start so you can define "empty" SendTables.
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