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Jan 21, 2014
How long you been coding/hacking?
5 Years
Many of you have just started coding or have been only in the recent past. As the years go by, many of you will find yourselves moving to Linux or working with Linux. This is especially true if you plan to work in the software development industry. Our forum focuses on Windows game hacking and C++, but we don't have anything on basic C and Linux. This tutorial series will help bridge the gap and provide something a bit different for our viewers.

This tutorial series is brought to you by @matthew99g.

We are working on 6 videos right now and plan to go much farther. We'll start with a simple Hello World and move onto the good stuff. We will also be sprinkling in some Linux C game hacking videos. We'll do our best to provide a few Linux equivalent to our Windows game hacking videos.

There are a few ways to follow along if you're a Windows user:
  • Use Visual Studio Code like in the video, which is cross platform
  • You can use Visual Studio also, just add the module for Linux development
  • Compile using the Windows Subsystem for Linux
  • Run Linux in a Virtual Machine
  • Dual Boot Linux
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