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Oct 19, 2015
Sorry for stupid questions.

I don't like asking questions about things I don't know very much about on these forums. I've been looking around a few hack/coding forums, mostly this one, but I'm left clueless of what I'm doing.
Would anyone know any online course(s) or any first steps I should take to learning more about how I can use visual studio, olly db, cheat engine, and the languages talked about on here
like c++, c#, without going to a college course?

Sorry if I'm asking this wrong I don't like bothering you guys with questions.


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Jan 21, 2014
Would anyone know any online course(s) or any first steps I should take to learning more
If you want to know something, just google or youtube it :) also read these threads

Do these tutorials:

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Jun 25, 2014
i don't know about online courses, but resource wise you can just google/youtuibe/ things, as for reverse engineering you may have some luck with some subreddits

( /r/reverseengineering, /r/REGames, /r/REMath, etc. )
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