Download Kroopy first external release :D

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I don't know xxxx :D
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Jul 25, 2015
So with the help of everyone here, especially Rake(thx for aimbot codenz) and Solaire, I finished making my first external hack.

It's uploaded with the source code so other noobs like me can hopefully learn something from it.

Everything is just enabled as soon as you run it because it's assault cube and I'm lazy.

Aimbot with supbar visibility check(checks to see if head position is visible)
1337 health, armor, ammo, grenades
Rapid fire with weapons, knife, and grenades
No Recoil
If your knife is equipped then you will teleport to enemies and gib them :D

Here's a quick video(sorry about the quality):

Obviously all criticism is welcome as I'm still learning :)

Virustotal: 22d7b9217d3fbd/analysis/1448155154/


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May 19, 2013
Kroopy Please provide two virusscans of the executable (not the zip) using and
Otherwise we won't approve the attachment.
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