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Apr 29, 2020
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Hey guys!
I hack old mmorpg with packages.
The packet structure in 99% of cases is as follows:
type 1: 11 11 22 22 22 22 00 00 00 00..
type 2: 11 11 22 22 22 22 33 33 33 33 00 00 00 00..
here: 11 11 - unique package identifier
22 22 22 22 - packet counter
33 33 33 33 - hero id
00 00 00 00 - data

Quite randomly, I found several packages that are not generated in the source code of the game (and therefore cannot be sent by the client), but create some kind of event on the server.
The question arose, are there any methods of probing servers and how can you find more of such vulnerabilities?
I tried one solution: I looped through the ID packets from 00 00 to FF FF with different data, but I got nothing.


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Feb 19, 2018
  1. You could maybe look into movement packets, to see if you could just send server some random position and see if it accepts it to maybe make a teleport hack.
  2. You could try and see if there is any packet that affects your health, maybe health is controlled client-side and f.e. when you use a health potion you send message to the server "Hey I have x health" and make godmode hack.
  3. You could also try inspect looting packets, maybe you can send packet to loot or move and item that's not even on the map and server accepts it, who knows.
  4. Same as number 3. but with gold.
  5. Try to see when you kill a monster is the client sending "I got x experience points" so you can make auto exp hack (I doubt this will work, but who knows :D )
  6. If there is capacity in the game that you can only equip 10 items, try to send packet to equip 11th item and maybe break the game with buffer overflows, same goes for buffer underflow.
  7. Try sending some weird text in local or global chat with weird characters such as " ' // and try to attack that aspect of the game. Same, try to perform buffer overflow on that also.
  8. Try to attack the login protocol to maybe fake something in there, like login to a character that doesn't even exist to possibly break the server.
There's a ton of possible attacks you can do on every action that server handles. Just try to be creative, think what kind of action server has to process and is dealing with and how would you make it so you can attack it. Most important rule here is just trial and error. Have fun with it and experiment.
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