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Jun 5, 2012
Near Bean Town, Ma.
So for a long time now I have always been the one that downloaded hacks and then scratched my head going..."HOW THE HELL" did they make this. Well I started reading a little bit and joined a few forums. Still lost without any hope because I am completely NEW to any of this lol. But on one of the forums I found one of your TuT's and I have to say NICE!!. I learned more in the past 3 hours of watching and following along than I have in the past month on and off lol.

Any way, I am 32, always loved computers. Fix them and build custom gaming rigs for a living working from home. Got a wife and 4 kids and even yes, a family dog hahaha. Always wanted to learn a dark side if you would like to say about computers. I don't mind reading but face it, this is NOT the easiest of things to pick up from just reading a book. Well, at least not for me. I am hopping to be able to contribute here and even to other places with anything I can finally make on MY OWN!. Fleep, your TuT's are great, and I hope that people here in your little community are just as helpful and "noob" friendly as you seem to be.
May 24, 2012
Welcome to GuidedHacking.com! :)

MrModd said:
I hope that people here in your little community are just as helpful and "noob" friendly as you seem to be.
You've got nothing to worry about, I haven't seen someone who hasn't been nice yet ;)
May 24, 2012
Im pretty sure all of us here are anti-RTMF, the whole point of the forum is teaching the "noobs" as well as helping those that need hacks or have questions etc


May 20, 2012
Hey there MrModd, Ive always agreed with the not reading part, spending hours reading large amounts of code can be very complicated.
As konsowa said we are here to help and we wont talk down to anyone regardless of their current knowledge.

Welcome to the site right now were adding things and I believe soon this will be a place where a lot of people come for help.

By the way in what forum did you find one of my tutorials?