Solved [Java] Runescape private server tutorial bot request

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Dec 10, 2013
I have wonderd long time about this: "how to make a bot for rsps" (not real rs).
Im preatty new to rsps's and how they work with java. I haven't coded java in a while though.
(I have hosted a rsps´s, but it was about a year ago)
I would guess that you mount the rsps sdk and you can work things preatty simple, as coding a server.

So what i need from you, the java coder, i would need that you showed me how bots are coded.

What i can do
What i can help with when it comes to this request, is to host a rsps while you are going through how it works.

What you need
First you need to be able to trust me.
Because when it comes to playing rsps´s you almost in every case downloads a .jar file.

Other "tools" you need:
TeamViewer or
An java IDE or any other text file editors.
(optional) Skype
myclient.jar (I will send it to you)

I do not offer any payment of any sort.
Do not in any case try to harm my computer or router.
Your computer won´t of any sort be in any kind of danger.
I can do what ever i want with the information given to me.

If you want to help me just post your skype name or if you dont want to give that out pm me it.
Notice that skype isnt a requierment but it would be good if you had that.

Please inform me if anything in this post is wrongly done or written badly.
Thanks in advance and i hope someone will be kind enought to help me.

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Aug 3, 2015
nyone here knows a good gold hack for runescape or even know if its possible to do that, in that case please teach me
Grave digging, asking for help without exerting effort, bad grammar...
Congrats! You just became the poster child of shit posts!

More than likely not possible unless there's some sort of vulnerability in the server which is both outisde of the scope of this forum, and more then likely way out of your skill level.

Coco Pommel

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Oct 19, 2012
First you need to make a botclient with a good API to make scripts.
Look into Reflection.
I have done my fair share of coding RSPS but that was back in the day.
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