Source Code IW5MP 1.4.382 - Multi hack - Aimbot ESP

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Cesspool Admin
Jan 21, 2014
Dude this hack is HUUUUGE! So glad you decided to release the source, lots of good stuff to check out


Oct 6, 2017
Hey can i ask you guys quick question,

are there any writeable viewangles for mw3, or does it work different to games like assaultcube or csgo?
I got 400 different floats between -85/85 degree, but none of them are writeable.
I ve read Boboo99 code and i understand the code as a programmer and a game hacker.

float* ViewX = (float*)0x0106389C;
float* ViewY = (float*)0x01063898;

*ViewX += Angles.x;
*ViewY += Angles.y;

Are ViewX/ViewY actually like between -85/85?
Or is it more like, you add 1.0f, and your view changes 1.0f degrees?

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