Solved Is There Any Way? to bypass xigncode3 heartbeat

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Sep 3, 2017
Is there anyway to bypass Xigncode3 Heartbeat i have found a bypass but it only lets me 10 mins and then heartbeat kicks in and disconnects me from the server is there any actual way to bypass it completely would appriciate it if some one can let me know how THE game i wanna bypass it in is freestyle basketball 2 so that i can use CE SpeedHack


Escobar Tier VIP
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Aug 3, 2015
There's no real "bypass" afaik.
I have no experience with XC myself, but from what I've read all over the web is that you'll need some method of emulating the heartbeat, or make your hack "undetectable."
Both will involve sufficient knowledge and experience in reverse engineering.
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