Solved IS ASM needed in game hacking?

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Oct 6, 2015
I think the title is a little bit wrong, but, yeah. My real question is: how much about asm do i need to know before starting in game hacking /game making in c++ / c# / java etc.?
I mean, what i have to know about asm? Where can i say: well, now i can start with game hacking? I know it's like: more you know, better you go, but, really... I hate asm, it's too hard to understand, takes too much times just to make 2+2 with it...


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Jul 19, 2012
There is no base of knowledge you need to have in order to start. Just learn as you go but remember to actually research and learn rather than asking help for specific problems


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Oct 6, 2015
Yep i know this but i mean to start hacking games. ASM is needed, because how do you find addresses, pointers? It's impossible without basics of asm, so i was asking: what are the most important things to learn about asm?


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Jan 27, 2014
No, you don't need to know any assembly. You need to understand how memory allocation works or atleast have a basic idea of it. But no assembly is needed what-so ever.


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Dec 15, 2013
What Obsta said, but eventually (Depending on how far you want to go) you'll want to understand what basic instructions in assembly do. It's honestly very easy to understand them, you just have to take time to learn it.


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Aug 5, 2014
Well..! This brings back memories(when I learned ASM).......:)
I started my game-hacking by just using the cheat-engine. This is really a very cool tool by DB.
For cheating you just need to know about:-

1.>Pointers - can be simply defined as shortcuts to variables (very similar to shortcuts created by installers of many applications on the desktop).
Like desktop shortcuts store program addresses(links in the HDD), pointers store the address of variables for any particular application in memory so that they can be used later.

2.>ASM - Well, there are some important mneumonics (like jmp, nop, call, ret, cmp, jne, je, jb, etc.)
jmp - always jump
nop - no operation(don't do a thing)
call - call a sub-routine
ret - return from a sub-routine
cmp - compare 2 operands(variables)
jne - jump if not equal
je - jump if equal
jb - jump if big
pushad - push all general purpose register on the stack
popad - pop all general purpose register from the stack
jle - jump if less or equal
je - jump if equal
jl - jump if less
..................................... and so on...

If you just want to cheat in games and not much interested in trainer creation, then knowledge of above and their implementation is necessary for better cheating.

ASM isn't so tough. It's just abbreviation of the full form.
If you want to go in the depths of assembly, then first start by "Cracking Tutorials by Lena". You can find it through many torrent sites. The usage of most instructions mentioned above is available in the package.
If you still wanna dive more into assembly, then learn a little C++ or C# or any other language in which created applications have an executable module *.exe file(* = any file name) and try to reverse-engineer it.

NOTE :: For using cheat-engine efficiently, make sure you have completed the tutorial and also gained knowledge of how to use the dissect structures and code injection(most of the tutorials are available in the forum itself).

Happy cheating..........!!! :)


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Oct 6, 2015
Well, that's a very exhaustive answer, thank you. Yes, time ago, when trying to learn ASM, i used to watch lena's tutorials, but now... All i knew... I forgot almost all....
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