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Sep 17, 2015
Hello there,
I would like to ask you for some resources or tutorials if you know any to get me introduced into the Source engine. Because if I am not wrong then you can theoretically inject a DLL and use "native" functions for example to draw a wall hack - is that how those glow ESP hacks are made? But the problem is, how do I find the function that draws the outline glowing, how do I use the function then in my DLL? I have watched Fleep's mid function hooking / codecaving tutorials and I understand that this is the way to do it, to find the "draw outline glowing" fuction and hook somewhere and then just call the funcion to draw all players. Is that right? Now this is all theoretical but I think I'd need some practical information too. I have been searching on other forums but it looks like all the tutorials out there assumes I know everything about source engine which I obviously do not.
It seems that internal hacks have greater potencial and could be easier because you can use the Source engine's functions to get information about local player and other players and so on, if I am right.
So I would appreciate if anyone could tell me anything useful, corrected me or redirected me somewhere else for more information.
Thanks again!


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Jun 25, 2014
1. Should try to format your posts in a nicer to read way, imo.

2. You don't need to hook functions to call them, you can just create a typedef for a function pointer and use that, or do it via asm.

3. You don't need to call any function to create Glow esp, you could do it in ye olde' for loop of you wanted.

4. Resources: ValveSoftware/source-sdk-2013
4b.'s csgo section ( careful, they bite ) ,\wiki's csgo section

5. "Easier" is subjective , i'd call external cheats easier but it all depends on what you're doing, either can bump up in difficulty really quickly.

6. You'd find whatever functions you want by reversing them, before you used to be able to use the mac dylibs because they still had function names and whatnot ( symbols ) in them, but theyve since been stripped for a while. Now what I'd do is just look around the source2013 sdk for interesting stuff and try to find references, strings are your friend but a lot of them have been taken out so you may have to look deeper / elsewhere.

6b. A lot of it is just playing around too, I found clientside noclip just by xxxxing around with some bools, and from that a friend of mine seems to have found a way to get far esp again, so just xxxx around with stuff really

Do the tutorials
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