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Mar 24, 2016
Oy Bois,

here are some Offsets:

/* Offset */

DWORD m_dwLocalPlayer = 0x6F16B0;
DWORD m_iHealth = 0xF4;
DWORD m_iCrossHairID = 0x267c;
DWORD m_iTeamNum = 0xe8;
DWORD m_lifeState = 0x253;
DWORD m_dormant = 0xF1;
DWORD m_dwEntityList = 0x70AB2C;
DWORD m_iName = 0x148;
DWORD m_iFOV = 1898;
DWORD m_iObserverMode = 0x1a2c;
DWORD m_bGlowEnabled = 0x1585;
DWORD m_VecOrigin = 0x12c;
DWORD ClientState = 0x457BE8;
DWORD m_iShotsfired = 0x259c;
DWORD m_dwViewAngles = 0x4b48;
DWORD m_dwBoneMatrix = 0x9F8 + 0x1C; // m_nForceBone (Netvars) + 0x1C
/* Punch => Base + 0x18 => Σ + 0x34 => Σ + 0xC  | Not the best, but it works */ 

/* Offset */
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