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Jan 14, 2016

I don't fully understand what's "exectuer" why we need them or when we need them? Please explain to me clearly and detailed. I will be very thankful for that.

1. INJECTOR - I understand that injector it's c++ or c# language script program. It's used for .dll file injection into the game code. RIGHT? In most cases you get banned for injector, cuz injector used for bypass anti-cheat(VAC,Punkbuster) ? TRUE?
By the way, you can create 1 good injector script program and use it for your all .dll scripts ? YEP?

2. .DLL FILE - Mostly coded with c++, this is main cheat code (Menu scripts and scripts like aimbot,wallhack,trigger bot,no recoil and so on) TRUE?

Well, please correct me if I not right.

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Jan 21, 2014
In the scope of this conversation:

Dynamic Link Libraries (.dll) and Executable Files (.exe) are both Portable Executable files (PE file format) which is the file format used by Windows based on the Unix Common Object File Format. An executable basically executes code, while a dynamic link library exports functions to other PE files so that they can be found and executed. The purpose of DLLs is to provide a re-usable binary that that encapsulates common code that can be used by different programs.

An injector at it's simplest form, places your code inside the target process and executes it. It's is not a "script program". A script refers to code that doesn't need to be "compiled" before running but can just be run from the plain text code. An injector for the purposes of this conversation is a .exe file that uses something similar to CreateRemoteThread/LoadLibrary to load a target DLL into the address space of a process, giving it's functions access to the process without need to ask for the kernel's to do it for you as you do in an external program.

Injectors are not "used" to bypass anticheat, and can in fact easily be detected by anti-cheat

DLL files can be coded in a few programming languages but C and C++ are the most common

Basically, injecting a DLL is the most convenient way to modify another process

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