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Jul 18, 2012
Hey guys, you may have noticed as of October 7th all of my hacks got removed from attachments and uploaded to a website which required a survey to download.. This was [size=+1]NOT[/size] me. I absolutely HATE survey websites and I would never use one. Someone managed to get my log in information for my e-mail and they sabotaged all of my hacks. It seems a little strange they would do this after hacking in to my account.. But that's what they did. All of my YouTube descriptions had been changed and included a link to the survey site, and I just barely noticed today that they were changed on here as well since Fleep messaged me..

I just wanted to update this so you guys know it's not me using the survey website bull shit. I have replaced all of the current survey links with MY actual download links and attachments.

If you guys ever see that the download links to my hacks are on a survey website, let me know in a PM as fast as possible.

Thanks :)



Kim Kong Trasher
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Jul 19, 2012
First as I noticed your downloads replaced with survey redirects, I thought "Woah, has he really taken that way?!".. by briefly knowing you, it already seemed suspicious...
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