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Jun 17, 2017
Hey everyone. As the thread title suggests, I'm new. In fact, this is my first post! Let me tell you a bit about myself.

I've been programming for over 20 years. It's sad, really, because I should be a lot better at it than I truly am, considering I've been doing it for so long. I am a software engineer by trade. But what I do is nothing like what goes into game hacks. But when I consider my personal development as a programmer, I consider hacking/cheating PC games as one of my cornerstone experiences.

I never claimed to be good at this stuff, but I did do some level of game hacking back in the day. In the pre-Steam days of Half-Life (1998 ish, maybe 1999), I messed around with OpenGL wrappers. This is essentially how I learned C/C++, which was pretty cool. At the time, it was super easy to get your own wrapper in there; you could literally just rename opengl32.dll to something else, then drop your wrapper right in. No injection, no VAC, completely easy-mode. It was pretty fun to learn about the rendering lifecycle of the Quake/Half-Life engine and throw some hacks together. Nothing too amazing, but it was fun and cool for its time.

As I grew smarter, I started to build some actual intelligence into my hacks. I started to compute features of various models in the scene based on the geometry; number of vertices, distances between vertices, etc. Probably more; it's been many years and I've forgotten pretty much everything. It was funny - I thought I was doing some kick ass work, but then I found another forum (cannot for the life of me remember the name) and people were doing the same thing, except wayyyyy better than I was. The game hacking scene has some SERIOUS talent!

Someone open-sourced a method for detouring the Quake/Half-Life engine client and engine functions at the time. I was never actually good at, or even really understood reverse engineering at the time, so I was thankful that the community released a cool tool. With that, I was able to combine my OpenGL wrapper with the actual game engine to get some interesting effects/cheats. I learned a lot of math and algorithms this way; it definitely got me interested in computer science, which led to my real career.

So anyway, you can see I have a special place in my heart for game hacking. It's fun, cool, educational, and clever. I just wanted to share that.

I quit game hacking in favor of coding stuff for money about 14 years ago. I pretty much quit gaming about 10 years or so, in favor of picking up other hobbies. So why am I here?

I never actually picked up on the reverse engineering aspect of cheats. I'd like to casually explore this now that I'm older and a bit more experienced. So I joined this forum to poke around, read, and ask questions. To me, hacking a game is almost a game in its own right.

Fair warning to everyone: while I'd say I'm a pretty decent developer, I'm a completely abysmal hacker. I consider myself a 100% noob. In your world, I guess the only good thing about me is that I can actually code; I won't be asking why the compiler is yelling at me for trying to assign a double to an int.

I'm looking forward to being part of this community.



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Jan 21, 2014
Quake engine client hook right? I have a kewl source for that I've been meaning to study cuz I never figured out how to call into the VM using the syscalls when I hacked OpenArena. Glad to have you here! What languages you code in?


Jun 17, 2017
Somewhat in order of my expertise *right now*... You know how it is, whatever you're working on currently is what you're good at, right?

- Node JS
- Java
- All major dialects of SQL
- C#
- C/C++
- Python
- GoLang
- VB
- Lisp (FUCK Lisp)
- ... more stuff, random knowledge of stuff
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Aug 3, 2015
Welcome to the forums friend, that's a hefty resume you got there lol.


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Jun 7, 2012
This should be easy for you to pick up. I would say the hardest thing to overcome for most people is learning a language to create a hack in. So you are already like 50% of the way there. Nice to have you here man.

nice name by the way, haha. :DatSheffy:
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