If there is any items Action on this site I always take part in it...

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Apr 26, 2017

If there is any items Give Away on** im a fgt **this site I always take part in it!

It is a transparent random system on this site and announcing of the Special offer winners I think it is rather easy to win every Give Away when you're refilling regular.
I've admitted than more you refeeling on Open CS:GO than higher chance to win not only by opening but also the Giveaway!

Recently I've won Karambit Marble Fade on Open CS:GO after several deposits so the theory works and now I hope for a Giveaway where I participate.
There is positive correlation between the deposit's amount and chances to win Action I think.

In my FB news I've so the advice to refeeling the balance on Open CSGO oftener to get more chances to win a items and their Actions and lately I've won Huntsman Knife Boreal Forest.

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