Solved IDA - Xref points to .rdata - What does it mean?

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Sep 26, 2015

I finally managed to find the pointer and offsets of the coordinates and player list of Assault Cube manually using Cheat Engine and IDA.
The next game is a pretty old MMO where I want to find the player coordinates.

Same as before I found the dynamic address of the coordinates of one player using Cheat Engine. Then I traversed through the code to find the offsets using IDA.

Right now I am stuck at one point. I need to know where the register ECX gets filled.

Since this sub doesn't fill ECX I listed the cross references, which only shows one entry pointing to:

I have read that .rdata holds read-only pre-initialized data.
I also read that a xref pointing to the data section could be a vtable.

Please enlighten me :)


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Jun 25, 2014
1. It's a thiscall ( or fastcall )
2. You can tell because ecx is used without being set
3. You can super tell because its in that function array you see, this would most likely be a (virtual) function table, every class that contains virtual functions in it will have a virtual function table.
4. All of those functions are then thiscalls.
5. Ecx contains a pointer to the class object
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