Solved IDA 1491 error when I attach a process

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Apr 20, 2016
How long you been coding/hacking?
2 years maybe
I've tried all debuggers and I get errors in all of them when I attach to a process. When I use LocalWindows debugger, I get 1491 error, and when I try other debuggers it says "Could not initialize WinDbg." Anyone knows what's the problem here? Note that when I open IDA-64bit I don't get this error, but I can't use Hex-Ray plugin in 64-bit.


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Jan 21, 2014
Fixed it!

IDA 7.0 Error 1491 Patch

Debugger Setup

First open Ida\cff\ida.cfg & search for "DBGTOOLS" and set that line to this:
DBGTOOLS = "C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Windows Kits\\10\\Debuggers\\x64";
Or where ever your dbgeng.dll file is located

Download the attachment
Backup the 3 files
Extract it to Ida\plugins\

Now you can debug anything in IDA Pro using the Locals Windows Debugger or Windbg Debugger on both x86 and x64.

How it works
Computerline already patched the first 2 files, I patched the third

This is what it looks like before you patch it:

The red area is where error 1491 gets trapped and handled after a comparison fails. So what I did was just NOP the entire area in the RED box, essentially changing execution flow down the BLUE arrow.



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Apr 28, 2019
could be the process you're trying to attach to has anti-debug protection have you tried other processes?


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Jan 21, 2014
IDA Pro Error 1491

A description of the problem & a solution to the problem is here:
Exetools - View Single Post - IDA Pro error 1491, any fix?

But the download which contains the patched files is not compatible with my version of IDA 7.

If you open win32_user.dll and search for "4d 85 db 74 1c" you will find:

which is:


5d3 = error 1491

You can patch this conditional jmp:
cmp r11, 2
jb short loc_15EC43C5

turn the jb into a JMP by overwriting it with EB

But sadly the error triggers somewhere else which I was unable to find, I was unable to patch it myself :( Maybe someone else can figure it out
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