I really need some help,Black screen

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Jul 27, 2013
Everytime i open an well known aimbot on this site or make one myself and i open visual c++ express 2010 and press debug while game is running, Everytime i get a black screen with no aimbot is running message or something.
and when i have debugged it and i find the .exe and run it will show black cmd screen no aimbot running and when i run as administrator it will show aimbot running but it doesnt work, while i see everyone on the forum saying thank you and such while it never works for me, i find that realy weird.
So if there is someone who can help me with this please i need your help.


Dank Tier VIP
May 19, 2013
Maybe you have to run the game in windowed mode.
A thew times I had something like this too, but running the game in windowed mode fixed it everytime. :)
Maybe it's worth a try, but idk.