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Jul 9, 2017
On the internet exist a program who scan your counter strike folder to see if u use injected hacks. If u start playing cs 1.6 with hacks and you become suspicious for admin,he will put you to make a scan test to see if u use cheats. To do this test you're not allowed to exit from the server or game. If u are not in game the program will not work and you will recive a error like "hl.exe not found" please open your game. Anyway,when the admin put you to do this scan test, you need to open the program and press the scan button. After 10 secound you will recive a message which contains a web address. That web address must be sent to the admin. When he will enter to that web address, he will see if you have something injected in counter-strike. I tried a lot of dlls or exe hacks to see if that program can detect all but I did not succeed cause all of them was detected by the program. I forgot to say,the dll name appears on the scan (ex: cipriftwro use aim.dll) and the type of hack (wallhack,aim,noflash etc . ). So my question is can someone guild or help me how can i make the program to stop detecting the injected dll. (Sorry for my bad english)
Edit : the name of program its wargods


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Jan 21, 2014
I was gonna say "MOST GHETTO ANTI CHEAT EVARRR!!!!!1" but then after checking it out it's obviously an amateur project that someone is developing and I think that's pretty cool. Bypassing this is probably pretty easy, injecting using manual mapping is probably gonna work as long as you aren't hooking because from the logs published it also checks for hooks in commonly hooked functions


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Jun 7, 2012
From the little research i did it's a pretty shitty anticheat. You can literally just de-inject your hack and that would effectively (theoretically) defeat that scan. Then just re inject after..
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