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Jun 25, 2014
Howdy guys!

So, how did i find to GH?

Well, first i wanted to learn some web-related stuff (HTML, PHP, etc.) and wanted to focus on Websecurity, but then i decide to look for some "game hacking" tutorials on Youtube (was kinda bored and did a break on PHP learning) and i found Fleep's tutorials and i was like "wow, hell... this looks interesting but hard to learn, but this guy explains it very good", so.. found this site, registered, and here i am :D

So, i'm a gamer since 10+ years and found out VIP gaming hacks on end of 2011. At first it was fun to troll guys or even go enrage on some games, but then it was "man, it's so damn interesting how these things are working, you click on a checkbox and suddenly you see enemys thru walls and even snaplines" and so on. I always tried to learn c++ but websecurity was more interesting, but now.. since i'm still a gamer and the gamehacks getting more feature-rich i want to learn "game hacking".

I dont know which is harder to learn (game hacking or websecurity), but i dont really care, because the main thing i want to learn such is for ME. Because I find it interesting how things are work and to blow up developers asses (and maybe to see where their security sucks, especially on game hacking).

Oh another story is, i was on another Forum and found a Video from a guy who made an hack for ISS/WarZ, this hack was so awesome and so different from the VIP hacks and the free hacks...

So, since i found this community i think it'll be a bit better and easier to learn c++/game hacking, because i decided to want to learn this more than websecurity.

Alright that's it, my little story about who i am and what i want to do here :D

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