Tutorial How to Statically Link GLUT and best technique for GL text

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Cesspool Admin
Jan 21, 2014
UPDATE: You don't need GLUT to draw text, try this text class instead!

If you're going to inject a .dll into a game process and draw text, the only method I have ever found to work well, is using GLUT and the function glutBitmapCharacter. I have tried many other strictly header file only libraries to draw text and 99% of them I could never get to work properly and the 1% that did work severely affected performance in terms of FPS. You might think this is insane because GLUT is 16 years old, but I've tried many other options despite my best efforts they always failed.

Now freeGLUT is the most up to date library, and has glutBitmapString which sounds very sexy but calling glutBitmapString or glutBitmapCharacter always crashes without error message and if you google it alot of people have this problem.

I've been wrestling with openGL for 2 years now and its a pain in the ass. I have spent a few hours today just to get GLUT to compile and statically link, and will share with you how so you don't suffer like I did.

Download the attachment & extract.
Place glut.h in VisualStudio\VC\include
Place staticglut.lib in VisualStudio\VC\lib

In Visual Studio set linker option /MT

and Ignore CLIB.lib:

In your project:
#pragma comment(lib, "glutstatic.lib")
#include <glut.h>
If you don't do this exactly, it will not work!
If you have any problem getting this to work make sure you don't have conflicting GLUT/GL files in your Windows SDK and Visual Studio folders.


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