How to start with ESP hacks?

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Oct 5, 2015
Hey guys, i've been here in guided for some time already and I made some basic cool hacks but now I want more!
I want to make a ESP hack, but I rly don't know how an ESP works, even what I need to make it work... basically I don't know nothing about it...
Can someone guide me in this whole new world of ESP


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Jan 21, 2014
If you have csgo or CSS I would start with thE fleep tutorial. You could also use the rektcube source that Solaire posted or you can wait for me to release mine in 3 years :trollface:

Beyond that you have to pick what game you want to work on, find out what graphics API you want to start with. Fleep uses a GDI overlay, me and Solaire are hooking opengl swap buffers function and drawing using GLUT library or if your doing source engine dirext3d. You should pick the API and learn the basics of using that API bh following tutorials. Once you can understand how they work specifically how model view is converted to projection view etc... using matrices. Then you need a world2screen function that converts world coordinates into 2d coordinates on your screen that works with your APi/game. Then you need to find the viewmatrix in game memory which is a an array of 16 floats. Then you pass enemy 3d world coordinates into your world2screen function and send the 2d coordinates that are returned into a function that draws using your favorite API.
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