Solved How to remove Admin Password(Not sure if right section or so)

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Oct 10, 2013
Ok, Alot of people are in this predicament were ohh no "I forgot my password" I am going to show you how to reset it.

First of all remove your Hard Drive / Hard Disk [Out of your PC]
Connect it to any other Working PC.
Go to c:\Windows\System32\config.
Find SAM & SAM.log files and Delete them.
Now Put your Hard disk to your PC and access as admin by empty password.

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Jan 21, 2014
This is not the correct way to do it.

Download the Windows 10 PE version of Hiren's Boot CD, burn it to a USB stick using Rufus. Then boot off of the USB stick and use LazeSoft Password Recovery which is on the boot disc.

Alternatively use the utilman trick:

boot into any windows install DVD/USB
Go to Repair this computer
select command prompt
navigate to C:\Windows\System32
run these commands
copy Utilman.exe Utilman.bak
copy cmd.exe Utilman.exe
reboot into normal windows partition
on the login screen click the accessbility tools in the bottom right corner
a cmd prompt will appear, type this command, replace username with real username:
user username "pass"
login to that account, with the password being pass

to revert changes:
reboot into windows DVD again and run:
copy Utilman.bak Utilman.exe


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Oct 14, 2012
Posting this in a game hacking forum makes sense


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May 24, 2012
Or you could just use something like "Hirens Boot Cd". There's also another guy's work (possibly KON-BOOT, can't remember) that lets you bypass the password by the press of a button.
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