Question How to modify Fleeps C# aimbot for a 3D Spacesim that has mouseX mouseY and mouseROLL

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Jan 21, 2015
Hello there,

I've managed to get Fleeps C# aimbot working. The problem is, it is just rolling and making my game crash. I have found the mouseX and mouseY but the problem is, the game uses a ROLL value to calculate the exact orientation of the ship, I know where it is located but I don't know how I can include it into Fleeps C# aimbot from here :

If you could help me edit his source to include the ROLL, I would be very very thankfully. I've already come so far. But tbh without the help of a lot of people I wouldn't have come so far, special thanks to AnomanderRake Krampus and another it's name I missed for helping to get so far :)

regards and in hope of receiving help


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Jan 21, 2014
I am not an expert but I've been thinking about this question for a few days now
It is interesting to note that:
Every location in 3d space can be targeted without using roll, it is unnecesary from a mathematical standpoint. Now if you yaw or pitch were limited in some way, use roll would be advantageous to adjust the angle to access those limited areas in 3d space, but that is not the case.
With all 3 angles, you can point at the same location in 3d space using several different sets of angles, you would have to pick a methodology/equation and stick with it. It is not something I even want to think about :p

Just make sure you're 1000% sure you need roll.
Like I said in chatbox the other day it is my opinion that the angle of your ship and the angle of your crosshair are seperate but are connected. Your mouse/keyboard input selects the crosshair location, and then a function that sets a rotational velocity for each angle is set to slowly adjust the angle of the ship to the desired angle. To give that spaceship feel. In unreal engine there are 2 variables called DesiredRotation and RotationRate that are both vectors(3 float values corresponding to angle).

I wish you luck it sounds complicated!
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