Video Tutorial How to make C# Trainer GUIs with Memory.dll

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Mar 18, 2020
Learn how to make a C# trainer using the popular memory library known as memory.dll from the developer himself: New Age Soldier

Memory.dll is a memory library which abstracts away a lot of the mundane boring parts of game hacking in C#. You can easily start creating trainers without writing your own memory functions.

If you want to learn how to write similar functions yourself, as a beginner you can watch this video:

Video Tutorial - How to make C# Hacks Tutorial - External Trainer


Available on NuGet! Open Visual Studio Project > Manage NuGet Packages... > Browse > Type in "memory.dll"


  • Built with C# for .NET projects.
  • Check if process is running (ID or name) and open, all in 1 function.
  • 32bit and 64bit games supported.
  • AoB scanning with full & partial masking.
    • Example: "?? ?? ?? ?5 ?? ?? 5? 00 ?? A9 C3 3B ?? 00 50 00"
  • Inject DLLs and create named pipes to communicate with them.
  • Write to addresses with many different value types.
    • Example: byte, 2bytes, bytes, float, int, string, double or long
  • Optional external .ini file for code storage.
  • Address structures are flexible. Can use modules, offsets and/or pointers.
    • Example: "game.exe+0x12345678,0x12,0x34,0x56"
  • Freeze values
Example functions
  • double readDouble(string code, string file = "", bool round = true)
  • long readLong(string code, string file = "")
  • float readFloat(string code, string file = "")
  • float readPFloat(UIntPtr address, string code, string file = "")
  • string readString(string code, string file = "", int length = 32, bool zeroTerminated = true)
  • string readPString(UIntPtr address, string code, string file = "")
  • int readInt(string code, string file = "")
  • int readPInt(UIntPtr address, string code, string file = "")
  • int readIntMove(string code, int moveQty, string file = "")
  • uint readUInt(string code, string file = "")
  • ulong readUIntMove(string code, int moveQty, string file = "")
  • int read2ByteMove(string code, int moveQty, string file = "")
  • int read2Byte(string code, string file = "")
  • int readByte(string code, string file = "")
  • int readPByte(UIntPtr address, string code, string file = "")
  • int readUIntPtr(UIntPtr code)
  • AoB Scanning (Array of Byte)
  • and much more

The source project is downloadable in the attachment, but it's best to use nuget. We've attached it in case the repo ever disappears.



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Jan 21, 2014
Thank you for letting us publish this video on our channel!

Premiering now!
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