Source Code How to hook thiscall function - __thiscall calling convention

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Aug 19, 2012
Yo, it might be good for some to know about hooking a thiscall clean.

Lets say the func looks like this in ida or whatever (postrender ue3)
int __thiscall sub_11A8B30(_DWORD *this, int a2, void *Dst)
then you setup the prototype as common
typedef void(__thiscall  *tPostRender)(DWORD*, int, void*);
tPostRender oPostRender;
and here it gets important, the actual function will be a fastcall.
first param is "this", second just a unsused register param, and then the normal params again
void __fastcall hkPostRender(DWORD* _this, void* _notUsed, int _a2, void* _Dst)

 //but called as the original prototype here !
oPostRender(_this, _a2, _Dst);

I wont add detour/minhook etc code here, because it can be found in other threads.

Credits go to tresp4sser for his blog with some good infos

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