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Jul 18, 2012
[size=+1]How To Hack Any Android Game[/size]

Hey guys, in this video I show you how to use GameCIH3 to hack any game on your Android devices.
The reason I made this was since I was getting so many requests on YouTube for Android game hacks, I figured I'd show you guys how to hack them yourselves.

GameCIH was developed by Software Magician. It used to be on the Play Store, but Google removed it for obvious reasons. You can find it on their website, or I have also attached it.

Your device MUST be ROOTED.This is NOT an option.

GameCIH is basically Cheat Engine for your Android applications. It uses the same concepts.
You start off by searching for your initial value, then you lower the results by changing the value and rescanning.

GameCIH Menu Controls
= The equals sign means that the value has not changed since your intital scan.
! The exclamation point means the value has changed since your initial scan, and you don't know the value.
+ The Plus sign means the value has gotten bigger since your inital scan.
- The Minus sign means the value has gotten smaller since your inital scan.

It's very straight forward. :)

The game I use for the example is Drag Racing.



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Mar 24, 2013
Is there also a similar version on ios? Well i will look at it myself see ya soon!


Dec 1, 2012
i can hack the croods, get Freedom (requires root) . It's for free in-app purchase. but something in the coins shop.
Freedom doesn't work on The new play store.
So you have to get the old version on the internet
on the iphone you can go to cydia and search for iappcracker or iappfree.
you can buy as much coins that uses real money for free
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